Finishing Techniques is dedicated to providing individuals who would like to learn more about finishing their Cross Stitch project. Susan has lots of "models" throughout the shop that represent the art of finishing. This is something that Susan really enjoys doing as it adds personality to each project. Please use the form at the link below "Interested in Finishing Techniques" to let Susan know you are interested in this class. Class size will vary from 1 to 8 individuals. Susan has been stitching for over 50 years and loves to teach. She believes that one is never too old or young to develop a passion for learning and being creative. Imagine Finishing a Cross Stitch piece that you created and having it discovered 200 years from now. Cross Stitch is a form of art that will hopefully last throughout the ages. The Class Fee will be minimal and is structured to cover the cost of materials. Each Finishing Technique Class will be unique but the fee will be reasonable (typically less than $150.00).