Jamestown was the first settlement in the Colony of Virginia and it was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. It was located on the northeast bank of the James River, about 2.5 miles southwest of the center of modern Williamsburg. Established by the Virginia Company of London as "James Fort" on May 4, 1607. Historic Jamestowne is the archaeological site on Jamestown Island and is a cooperative effort by Jamestown National Historic Site (part of Colonial National Historical Park) and Preservation Virginia. Jamestown Settlement, a living history interpretive site, is operated by the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation, a state agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The historic district in the city of Williamsburg, Virginia represents 18th century Colonial Williamsburg as a living-history museum. A private foundation supports activities representing life in the 18th century with costumed employees depicting work and dress of the era, sometimes using colonial grammar and diction. There are several hundred restored or recreated buildings from the 18th century within the 301-acres that makeup the historic site. Williamsburg was the capital of the Colony of Virginia. Liberty Hill Needleworks encourages you to explore part of 18th-century America celebrating patriots and the early history of the United States. Colonial Williamsburg is part of the Historic Triangle of Virginia, along with Jamestown and Yorktown and the Colonial Parkway. It was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1960.


Yorktown was named for the ancient city of York in Yorkshire, Northern England. It was founded in 1691 as a port on the York River for English colonists to export tobacco to Europe. The town is most famous as the site of the siege and subsequent surrender of General Charles Cornwallis to General George Washington and the French Fleet during the American Revolutionary War on October 19, 1781. Although the war would last for another year, this British defeat at Yorktown effectively ended the war in North America.